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Chapter 4 | Leverage: How to Lead with A Powerful Authentic Presence

Want to communicate powerfully for greater impact? Assess your leadership communication using this simple self-assessment (or ask five colleagues for their honest opinion).

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Wish you were more influential? The most successful leaders influence others to embrace and implement their ideas. There is an art and a science to influence, to knowing the right conversations to have with others in order to get results, while still keeping the relationship strong. Use the Influence Planning Tool to prepare for your next conversation.

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Want Success in a New Role? Use this checklist to assure you gain the positive visibility you deserve right from the start!

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Chapter 5 | Engage: How to Move People to Passion, Positivity and Possibility

Is everyone on the same page? Take the Renegade Leaders Leadership Dashboard Assessment for Instant Insights about Your Organization’s Focus, Alignment, and Accountability.

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Are your teams/employees engaged? Find out with the Employee Engagement Self-Assessment.

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Want to build a strong team? Take the team performance assessment.

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Chapter 6 | Activate a Culture of Collaboration and Innovation

Does Your Organization Have the Cultural X-Factor for High Performance? Answer the questions about your culture and discover what you have and what is missing.

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Do you have the capacity to implement successful change? Find out by answering this assessment.

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Chapter 7 | Distinguish: How to Distinguish Yourself and your Organization

Do you believe your strategy will work? Distinguish your organization by succeeding. Assess the quality of your strategic plan.

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