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As The Renegade Leader’s founder and CEO, Debora McLaughlin is passionate about seeing her clients become change leaders who transform organizational gridlock into team alignment that produces results. She does this by providing executive coaching, business consulting and leadership development.

Debora brings to the table her experience in both technology and healthcare. With experiences ranging from being a healthcare provider to achieving business results for Fortune 100 organizations, her background and education give her a unique edge in helping leaders navigate change. In addition to her real-word skills in navigating high-stakes situations, Debora has a string of degrees and credentials that demonstrate the expertise her certified woman-owned business provides.

Change isn’t easy, but The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group helps you align others to your ideas and build an organization that mirrors your vision. Debora and her team are thought leaders, authors, coaches, and consultants dedicated to partnering with CEOs, executives, directors, and leaders to achieve results.

Debora’s Approach to Leadership Development

Debora offers a unique approach to leadership development that can best be described as connecting. In the past, she connected organizations worldwide in corporate sales. Now she connects clients to the possibilities in their future by helping them grow their change intelligence.

To do this, Debora begins all coaching or development with a CQ Assessment or other evaluation so she clearly sees where her clients are now—and what they will become. Then, she uses the right method to create perceptions, beliefs, habits, expectations, and assumptions that will help them achieve their objectives. The result is that individuals, teams, and organizations shift from chaos and complexity to clarity and creativity. Her ability to connect clients to their goals through change agility empowers leaders to gain the influence and impact they desire.

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The Making of a Renegade Leader

Debora’s Story

Always a change catalyst and Renegade Leader, Debora has never accepted the status quo and has always found a way forward in the midst of impossible circumstances.

By 21, Debora had moved to NYC to launch her career on Wall Street, selling the technology solutions of Fortune 100 companies to Fortune 500 companies. Gaining experience, Debora mastered interacting with senior leaders to understand their business needs and provide the right solutions for growing organizations. Earning recognition, she achieved President Club status and advancement as a national account manager, managing global clients and teams. Debora realized it wasn’t her products that created her success—it was her understanding of her clients and ability to find them customized solutions.

Debora left a lucrative corporate job to pursue her passion for people, studying psychology, behavior, and neuroscience. With family members in the life sciences, such as nursing and periodontistry, Debora’s transition to healthcare continued the family narrative. Eventually, she became a licensed therapist and was flocked with professionals seeking relief from workplace anxieties, stress, and struggles. Feeling she could provide services beyond labeling her clients with a diagnosis, Debora found a better solution—coaching.

After gaining her ICF certification, Debora began professionally coaching in 2003, providing leadership development for CEOs, directors, and others. Today, she works with leaders, teams, and organizations to end organizational gridlock and foster communication, change agility, cross-functional team collaboration, and bottom-line results. Always anticipating trends and seeing around corners, Debora and her team help leaders find the resilience to move through the gridlock, even when there’s no path visible. Let Debora’s story become part of your success.

The future isn’t scary, if you are the one creating it.
- Debora McLaughlin

Education and Certifications

With The Renegade Leader, you’ll tap into Debora’s education and expertise for leadership development. Debora holds several college degrees, including two master’s degrees: an M.A. in clinical psychology and an M.A. in counseling and organizational behavior with a certification in multicultural counseling. In addition, Debora is also a licensed cognitive behavioral psychotherapist with a background in counseling corporate professionals experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety.

Debora’s extensive education gives her a unique insight into understanding individuals and helping them grow as leaders. Certified as an executive coach, career coach, business coach, and change leader, Debora’s expertise supports clients throughout the growth of their career and their organization.

International Coaching Federation

Debora is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), an international distinction that ensures ongoing professional development, extensive experience coaching clients, and annual assessment. She’s also eligible for becoming a Master Certified Coach (MCC).

American Psychotherapy Association
Debora is an APA Board Certified Professional Counselor.

Change Catalysts
A Certified Change Catalyst, Debora can expertly administer and interpret the CQ Assessment and offer solutions using the CQ system to equip individuals, teams, and organizations.

Career Coach Institute
Debora is also a Certified Executive Career Coach (CECC) and Certified Career Coach (CCC) through the CCI.

Certified with MentorCoach, Debora has earned her Certified MentorCoach (CMC), Certified Executive Coach, and Certified Small Business Coach titles.

Center for Executive Coaching
Debora holds credentials in both Executive Coaching and Business Coaching through the Center for Executive Coaching.

Physician’s Leadership Institute
Certified Physician Development Coach coaching physician leaders,to gain effectiveness within their teams and organizations and build resiliency and experience joy in their work.


A contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, American Express’s Open Forum, the Boston Herald, Inc., the New York Daily News, and other publications, Debora provides insights based on her wide experience and deep expertise.

Debora has also authored books on successful leadership development: The Renegade Leader: 9 Success Strategies Driven Leaders Use to Ignite People, Performance & Profits and Running in High Heels: How to Lead with Influence, Impact & Ingenuity. In addition, Debora has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), receiving their 2013 Woman of the Year award.

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