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Running in High Heels by Debora J. McLaughlin

Change Ability – How Leaders Navigate Change With Clarity, Confidence & Certainty

Are you ready to lead a team that can adapt to change?

Discover how to identify, develop, and manage a highly adaptable team.

Learn how to use the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to create a workforce that can adapt to any situation. Build a team that works together, communicates effectively, and can handle change gracefully. Gain insight through case studies, best practices, tools, and a framework you can use immediately to make your team and organization more resistant and agile through change leadership, adaptability, and agility.

2023 available on Amazon
Running in High Heels by Debora J. McLaughlin

Running in High Heels

Running in High Heels leads in where “Lean In” leaves off, providing women in leadership key strategies for elevating their leadership success.

Whether you are leading yourself in your career advancement, leading team or the CEO of an organization Running in High Heels has something for you.

This book boasts tips from top women CEO’s, case studies, interviews and features the new generation of women who are leaving big heel prints in the business worlds, Arianna Huffington, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, designer Tori Burch and entrepreneur mogul, Sofia Vergara.

The Renegade Leader by Debora J. McLaughlin

The Renegade Leader

9 Success Strategies Driven Leaders Use to Ignite People, Performance & Profits.

The Renegade Leader provides you with nine keys to unlock the full potential in each individual, in your teams and in yourself.

As a result, you will achieve a high performing culture that rallies around shared values and goals and works together to grow your bottom line, while placing yourself in that elite group of leaders among leaders — the true renegades who know how to make their companies great.

No Winner Ever Got There Without a Coach

No Winner Ever Got There
Without a Coach

A Guide to Personal &
Professional Success.

Debora McLaughlin, recognized as a Top Winning Coach with Neuroleadership Institute founder David Rock and other collaborators share their professional knowledge about coaching, who uses it, and the results you can expect. Debora contributes her thoughts on Coaching Renegade Leaders.