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Physician Coaching Empowers Your Clinical Knowledge with Critical Leadership Skills

Don’t allow an increasingly complex healthcare system to strain your leadership skills or squelch your passion for your work. Grow your effectiveness as a physician leader through career management, change leadership, and resiliency.

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Physician Coaching—Unique Support for Unique Challenges

Clinical practice doesn’t always prepare you for healthcare leadership.

When the director of Population Health failed to communicate in a way that resonated with the CEO, CMO, and CFO, her diabetes education program met rejection—even though it could accomplish the healthcare organization’s goals.

The CMO found it difficult to negotiate between the needs of his providers, staff, and partners. Working with patients hadn’t prepared him to navigate the political terrain of his administrative role.

These aren’t hypothetical scenarios. These are real clients of The Renegade Leader, and each client had the same struggle…

Both desired leadership skills comparable to their medical expertise.

Physician coaching helps bridge the gap between your clinical experience and your administrative responsibilities. With targeted and systematic training, you can find new freedom and purpose to meet your triple-aim objectives.

Whether you want to foster quicker decisions in an environment of extensive guidelines or improve your emotional intelligence as you deal with multiple stakeholders, physician coaching provides the training you need to successfully lead healthcare change management.

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Who Physician Coaching Is For

Physician coaching meets the unique needs of healthcare leaders across a number of organizational roles. The Renegade Leader’s targeted training is particularly suited for the challenges of…

● CMOs looking to develop their emotional intelligence so they create collaboration to meet important objectives.

● Physician leaders who wish to build resilience so they minimize stress and experience a fulfilling career.

● Healthcare CEOs who want to lead their organizations strategically and create alignment between departments.

● Any vice president of medical affairs (VPMA) who wishes to gain traction for his or her vision with multiple stakeholders.

● Medical directors who want to overcome organizational gridlock so their organization experiences both horizontal and vertical creativity and innovation.

● Healthcare leaders who need CME credits for self-directed learning.

The 5-Step Physician Coaching Process

While The Renegade Leader customizes training for each client, all physician coaching engagements follow a 5-step process. Here is the format you can expect as you work toward your coaching objectives:

1. Assessment

Before gaining your tailored plan, you’ll take a series of assessments that provide a comprehensive view of your areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Assessments, such as DiSC, TKI, Change Intelligence, and CPI 260, combined with your values clarification, will give direction to your coaching plan.

2. Strategic Planning

At this point, The Renegade Leader will conduct a VIP Intensive Debriefing. During this session, you’ll evaluate the results of your assessments to create a tailored coaching plan. You’ll also establish your objectives for physician coaching. The Renegade Leader will benchmark your current leadership skills so you can measure your success and ROI in the future.

3. Building Leadership Capacity

For a six-month or 12-month time frame, you’ll grow your leadership abilities through a targeted, proven framework designed to help you reach specific goals. You’ll enjoy one-on-one coaching conducted over the phone or in person and VIP treatment with text, phone, and email support.

4. Delivering Change

For each training focus, you’ll use a 90-day planner to define your top three goals and develop actionable steps to meet them. As you implement your coaching, you’ll take steps to spark personal and organizational change.

5. Evaluating Results

At the end of your physician coaching, you’ll measure your success. After assessing your current leadership skills, you’ll be able to compare your current status against your initial benchmark to quantify the impact of physician coaching on your career.


Leadership Focuses for Physician Coaching

During the strategic planning phase of physician coaching, you’ll choose leadership focuses to equip you to accomplish change leadership. With physician coaching, the following focuses are available:

Leadership Foundations. Gain the essential skills you’ll need to impact your organization.

Motivating Healthcare Employees.
Discover how to tap into what motivates your team so you accelerate toward goals.

Delegation. As your management responsibilities increase, avoid burnout with effective delegation.

Building Effective Healthcare Teams. Move toward your triple-aim objectives when you discover what makes a team successful.

Managing Personality Differences. Navigate the differing personalities and goals of other healthcare leaders for better alignment.

Effective Communication. Discover how to tailor your communication so you gain buy-in on your vision and plans.
Building Collaboration around Conflict. Transform conflict into collaboration as you interact with the multiple stakeholders in your healthcare organization.

Managing People through Transitions. Develop the leadership skills you need to lead your healthcare organization through mergers, technological shifts, and more.

Managing Stress and Overcoming Burnout. Strengthen your resiliency and capacity to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

Influencing Healthcare Policies and Fostering External Relationships. Translate what you learned in your MBA program into effective change management.

Integrating Technology into Healthcare Leadership: Minding the People Gap. Balance technological advances while empowering your organization’s adaptability to change.

Thinking Strategically.
Gain the freedom to refocus your energy on your goals so you’re proactive—instead of reactive.

Career Self-Management. Create and activate your road map for career advancement as you tap into your strengths.

Fostering a Culture of Creativity and Innovation. Promote forward thinking, and communicate effectively so your team hears and responds to your ideas.

Why The Renegade Leader?

For over 15 years, Debora McLaughlin has empowered executives, CEOs, and other business leaders to overcome organizational gridlock and accomplish their goals. In addition to her credentials as a certified executive coach and career coach, Debora is also a Certified Physician Development Coach™ through the Physician Coaching Institute, an organization that provides advanced certification for coaching physician leaders.

In addition to training numerous healthcare professionals, Debora possesses a family heritage in healthcare and previously worked as a licensed psychotherapist. Debora understands the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, and she’s passionate about equipping health leaders to overcome organizational gridlock and foster resilience.

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