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Finally Achieve Delayed Financial and Cultural Goals with Business Consulting.

Watch how quickly your organization meets objectives once you empower your strategies with your purpose.

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Business Consulting Is the Fuel for Business Growth.

Faster Decision Making

Take advantage of industry changes. Business consulting aligns your team so your organization gains the agility to respond and profit from market forces.

Business Expansion

Create a new division, launch a new product, or expand your revenue. Business consulting provides the tools you need for business growth.

Employee Satisfaction

Attract and retain top talent. Business consulting builds a culture that satisfies current employees and causes gifted individuals to want to join your team.


What Our Clients Are Saying…

I hired Debora and her team to facilitate an executive summit. As a result, our senior leadership team gained key insights about their leadership styles, their change leadership, and that of the team….Now, using Debora’s change leadership training, we communicate more effectively as a team and move decisions forward faster.Cynthia Ring, CHRO at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
Debora supports us in fulfilling our vision as a Healthcare organization. Over the past year she has provided change management, building change leadership and agility in our organization. Through assessment, employee engagement surveys and leadership development training, our executive team gained key insights to optimize our culture. Debora’s creation and facilitation of action focus teams with our 25 department leaders, will enable us to achieve strategic priorities faster and with greater collaboration, and have fun doing it! Debora brings endless optimism to all she does and is a supportive partner in our success.Kris McCracken, CEO at Manchester Community Health Center

Results from a Business Development Consultant

With a business development consultant by your side, expect to see measurable impact for your healthcare organization, technology firm, or corporation. Here are a few results The Renegade Leader accomplishes for businesses.

Revenue increase. Finally gain the support you need to increase profits. After business consulting, one of our clients created a new business location that’s projected to produce $5 million in additional annual revenue.

Quick decision making. Align your team, and watch the frequency of meetings decrease. Our clients report a 45% increase in decision-making speed.

Employee retention. End the high costs of turnover. After business consulting, our clients see a 50% decrease for this expense.

Goal-supporting culture. Build an organizational culture that allows you to reach your goals. Clients report a 70% increase in senior leadership alignment.

Increased productivity. Gain traction within your organization so you can gain visibility within your industry. Clients report that leadership productivity increases by 45% after consulting.

Specialties in Our Business Consulting Services

Find targeted consulting to support your organization. The Renegade Leader understands that a broad array of challenges requires a wide range of business consulting services. We possess the flexibility and expertise to adapt to your needs.

Whether you’re a healthcare organization with a recent acquisition or an IT firm struggling with employee retention, The Renegade Leader has the tools—and experience—to help you overcome your challenges. Here are some of our business consulting services:

● Organization change management
● Product launches
● Culture change
● Customer experience
● Strategic planning
● Market demand adaptation
● Merging organizational cultures
● Leadership succession planning
● Attracting individual talent
● Employee retention and engagement

Rapid industry change calls for quick decisions. Strategy consulting aligns your team so you move faster—and in the same direction.

Discover and Eliminate the Obstacles between You and Business Growth.

Business consulting brings the change agility you need.

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