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Bring Successful Organizational Change with Executive Coaching.

When you align your team, you’ll find the freedom to focus on strategic goals.

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“Change Leadership” Helps You Achieve What’s Important.

Strategic Priorities

Stop putting out fires. Executive coaching strengthens your skills in delegation, problem solving, and follow-through. Find the freedom to focus on your strategic priorities.

Organizational Collaboration

Engage your employees to build a common goal. With a business coach, you’ll foster approachability and increase your communication skills.

Emotional Intelligence

Develop your self-awareness. Executive coaching increases your emotional intelligence so you can shift your behavior to influence your team.

The 5-Step “Change Leadership” Program

Our proven leadership coaching follows 5 steps to ensure your success.

Whether you’re a physician at a healthcare organization or the CEO of an IT firm, executive coaching helps you navigate challenges and move toward growth.

1. Assess Your Strengths

Our Change Leadership Assessment reveals your strengths and the barriers between you and your strategic goals. Assessments help you visualize the end result of executive coaching.

2. Plan a Strategy

Our 5-Step Executive Coaching Program maps a strategic plan for your success. Know exactly how you’ll achieve outcomes with leadership coaching.

3. Build Capacity

During executive coaching, you’ll expand the capacity of your leadership skills. Watch momentum build with your growing ability to produce collaboration.

4. Deliver Change

It’s time to put insights into action. We help you deliver change by working with you and your team. Identify communication gaps, and replace them with a common language.

5. Evaluate Results

We determine success using defined metrics. At the end of executive coaching, we’ll evaluate where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going to ensure success.


What Other Executives Say…

Debora partnered with WEX to support our internal leadership development program. She has provided year long executive coaching to 8 of our senior leaders, several of which have advanced into more senior positions, others increased responsibility and all gained increased visibility as top leaders in our organization. Debora used the CLI, Firo-B and COF assessment results to refine the coaching and to enable coaches to achieve their professional and personal goals….We have extended the coaching for two leaders and Debora will continue to support us with our ongoing cohorts.Katelyn Gendron, Senior Organization Development Specialist at WEX, Inc.
Debora has been my coach and mentor for several years. Her marketing and business expertise and background in psychology are a perfect blend, enabling her to coach clients through many different types of issues. I highly recommend Debora as a leadership coach for anyone or company that is trying to attain a new level of performance and success in a challenging environment.June Jewell, CEO at Acuity Business Solutions
I had a vision a few years back to unite our culture and to grow the business. Debora provided executive coaching, leadership training, team building and culture development that resulted in our expanding our business adding, 100 new employees, gaining recognition for our culture and brand which eventually lead to publishing a book about our corporate culture….I would estimate that we’ve seen a 300% or more of return on our investment of Debora’s services.Tom Boucher, CEO at GNHR

Results You Can Expect

The Renegade Leader empowers CEOs, physicians, healthcare directors, technology executives, and other executive leaders so they experience observable success. Here are some results you can expect with executive coaching.

ROI impact. We’ve seen executive coaching produce everything from a 300% ROI to product launches creating long-term revenue streams.

Self-functioning organizations. When you develop delegation and employee engagement skills, your organization requires less involvement, allowing you to focus on bigger goals.

Return to freedom. Our executives experience decreased stress and increased time for themselves and their family.

Faster decisions. Executive coaching creates team alignment. You’ll avoid wasting time on unnecessary team meetings and organizational gridlock.

Refocused priorities. With a business coach, you’ll be able to get critical initiatives back on track.

Proactive responses. With increased team collaboration, you’ll respond strategically to external change. Avoid merely reacting to industry shifts, new regulation, and economic challenges, and take a proactive stance.

Is an Executive Coach Right for You?

The stakes are high for industries marked by rapid change. For executives, a constantly shifting environment can make it difficult to achieve long-term goals. The good news is that an executive coach can help you transform your company vision into a reality.

If you operate in healthcare, information technology, or any other industry with a shifting landscape, The Renegade Leader offers the specialized experience you need.

Turn organizational challenges into successful outcomes with executive coaching.

Strengthen Your Skills. Empower Your Team.

Leaders find insight, experience, and expertise with The Renegade Leader.

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