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70% of Change Initiatives Fail

Don’t let this be true for your organization. Harvard Business Review. The CQ® Assessment is your starting place for successful organizational change leadership.

What Is the CQ® Assessment?

The CQ® Assessment is a distinguished, strengths-based instrument developed by Change Catalysts® to help individuals, teams, and organizations discover their skills as leaders and build goal-accomplishing relationships. CQ® is a term that stands for change quotient®, which measures your or your organization’s change intelligence®.

This powerful instrument pinpoints 7 types of leaders that are necessary for an effective organizational team and the type of leadership role you occupy. Using the CQ® as a guide, The Renegade leader will also apply CQ® insights to the challenges you face so you have a change intelligent® methodology to successfully lead your team. Take the assessment, and receive a report that helps you understand your strengths, your blind spots, and how you can immediately improve the way you lead your team.

As a certified Change Catalyst®, The Renegade Leader is uniquely qualified to administer the CQ® Assessment and uses this instrument to set the goals for executive coaching, business consulting, or training and development.

What Do CQ® Skills Look Like?

When faced with organizational challenges, new information, or industry shifts, change intelligence allows you to see possibility instead of limitation. Change intelligent® leaders understand the teams they lead and how to align them so their organization remains competitive. Whether it’s capitalizing on new technology or adapting to fast-paced industries, CQ® skills stop organizational gridlock and start business success.

How The Renegade Leader Goes beyond Assessment

Understanding the CQ® System

The CQ® Assessment is more than an evaluation that shows where you’re at. It empowers you to chart your way forward using the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligent® Individuals and Organizations.

The Renegade Leader uses this system to go beyond assessment and apply the insights gathered from your evaluation. You’ll bridge the gap that often occurs between taking an assessment and actually leveraging what you’ve discovered. As you filter your business goals through your assessment, you’ll gain clarity on everything from unifying fragmented teams to planning strategic launches.

With the CQ® System, leaders understand their collective strengths, teams pinpoint how to shore up gaps, and organizations discover how to self-diagnose what’s causing organizational gridlock. The Renegade Leader equips you to engage the heart, inspire the head, and equip the hands of your team—so you get the most out of your assessment.

Change Agility Results from the CQ® Assessment

No matter what kind of organizational gridlock you face, the CQ® Assessment can help any leader in any industry. It doesn’t matter whether you head a healthcare organization, technology corporation, or financial institution. Strengthening your change quotient with the CQ® Assessment can give you these results:

● Discover and remove the barriers preventing organizational change. Finally put on a finger on why your ideas fall flat or why it’s so difficult to get your team on board with your vision. The CQ® Assessment uncovers the reasons behind your organizational gridlock, empowering you to create alignment and move forward.

● Build an effective team that will accomplish goals. Capitalize on your strengths and understand your blind spots as a team. The CQ® Assessment reveals when it’s best to adapt your strategy or involve other individuals to fill in team gaps.

● Gain a common language. Bring the challenges that create organizational gridlock into focus, and give them a name. Use the language of the CQ® Assessment to navigate and resolve conflict in your organization.

● Effectively leverage sudden opportunities. The CQ® Assessment reveals how to achieve change agility and motivate others across differing leadership styles. Discover how to communicate in a way that achieves maximum impact in any circumstance.

● Reach your potential as a leader. Maximize where you’re at while adapting to the leadership preferences of others. Developing your CQ® enhances your strengths and enables you to build team momentum with dynamic leadership.

Change Intelligence®
is an Assessment Away.

Gain your road map to leading organizational culture change.

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Companies Who’ve Used the CQ® Assessment…

Companies Who’ve Used the CQ Assessment

When to Use the
CQ® Assessment

The CQ® Assessment is ideal for CEOs, executives, directors, mid-level managers, and organizational teams who operate in fluid industries with high stakes. Here are a few scenarios where leaders can benefit from building their CQ®.

CEOs who need to quickly align teams. Use this insightful instrument to align your team so you make faster decisions and set the direction for organizational success.

Organizations with new leadership. Push the reset button, discover each person’s leadership style, and start changing organizational culture.

Managers and executives recently promoted. Gain the tools you need to fulfill your new role with confidence and achieve visibility in your organization.

Companies needing post-merger integration. Gain clarity on how you can create one unit from previously distinct organizations.

Leaders spearheading a product launch. See how you can create the collaboration and momentum necessary to get your development successfully off the ground.

Select Your
CQ® Change Leadership Solution

The Renegade Leader offers tailored CQ® solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations. Whether you’re an executive needing input from outside your organization or a leader of a team struggling with dysfunction, we have a CQ® Assessment option for your needs. Choose from one of our CQ® Assessment solutions below.

This CQ® solution is designed for CEOs, executives, directors, mid-level managers, and other leaders. Choose from individualized workshops or professional development coaching to grow as a confident, competent leader who reaches the head, heart, and hands of your team.

Using the CQ® System, The Renegade Leader offers training on the following topics:

● CQ®: Communication and You
● CQ®: Gaining Optimal Results with the CQ® System
● CQ®: Creating a Change Intelligent® Team and/or Organization

Secure Individual CQ® Solution

Changing organizational culture means discovering your leadership strengths and blind spots.

Cascade effective organizational change management throughout your organization with the CQ® Assessment as your guide.

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