Change Ability™

Assess and Transform your Organization’s Agility and Ability to Adapt to Change

We empower people, teams, and organizations to successfully assess, understand, and implement the behaviors needed to adapt to ever-changing environments.


Change Ability™

Leadership, teams, and organizations that can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world will be the ones that win in the future.

We live in a world where we need to be more agile, and leaders are held accountable for performance as never before. In every industry, there is a demand for faster innovation cycles and accelerated execution. Changing work environments, processes, and teams harnessed with added work due to high turnover adds to the stress.

In addition to the long-term statistic that 75% of change initiatives fail to produce the expectation of the change, resulting in lost opportunity, lack of financial return, and disengagement:

  • According to a recent analysis by consulting firm Gartner, annual voluntary turnover for U.S. employees is expected to increase by nearly 20% in 2022. That figure translates to approximately 37.4 million workers quitting their jobs in 2022 (Gartner)
  • 40% of employees consider leaving their job within 3 – 6 months. Teams are left with a loss of knowledge share; an influx of new hires have little time to learn cultural norms, and relationships in teams become strained and overworked (McKinsey)
  • 77% of CEOs worry about having the right people to thrive. They fear of loss of market share, the inability to adapt to changing consumer demands, and an inability to innovate (PWC)

But what if employees had the skills to be change champions? What if organizations could identify people who are flight risks so they could proactively engage retentions? And what if we built adaptive cultures where employees welcome change, can quickly pivot plans, processes, and priorities, creative ideas are shared, and innovation results?

What might be possible?

We know what is possible because we have seen what our clients are capable of, given the right skills, psychological safety, and change ability framework to do so using our Change Ability™ platform:

  • A newly merged healthcare system reduces processing time of one function by 80% giving medical staff more time to focus on patient care
  • A large central banking team elevates their mindset, mental flexibility, and learning agility to shift from being perceived as a transactional support function to that of a strategic partner. As a result, within 90 days, they increased customer engagement and NPS scores, achieved growth in every skill competency, and achieved a 162% return on investment.
  • A global technology payments organization’s transition team grows the organization by frequent acquisition, systematically using refined processes for integration, quickly identifying innovative talent, and streamlining culture adaption. The change leadership team successfully implements product and service changes to meet the demands of their top named gas, travel, healthcare, and finance organizations. Of the sixteen leaders coached, 85% were promoted into elevated positions within one year of coaching.

Bridging the Gap in Change Management

We noticed a gap in our nearly twenty years of experience helping leaders and organizations implement change. All had change management processes; however, the human side of change was missing, an understanding of how each employee viewed change and the current state of adaptability and resilience.

You can plan for every process, but do the people responsible for the change have the confidence, capacity, and capabilities to implement it?

Change management processes are most successful when augmented with a strong people focus on change ability and readiness. That’s why we’ve combined change leadership, adaptability, and agility into one comprehensive program.

Our Change Ability™ Platform is designed to help leaders, teams, and organizations navigate uncertainty by developing the ability to lead, adapt to change, and be agile in today’s ever-changing business environment.

We will undergo more change in the next two years than in the last ten.


Gain your road map to leading organizational culture change.

Are you prepared to keep up with technology changes?

Leverage your competitive advantage through Change Ability and impact every area of your business.


According to PWC, lack of adaptability costs businesses $19.8b per year.

Protect your organization from disruption. By improving adaptability and the capacity to navigate change, you can strengthen your organizational agility to respond to any change and be future-ready.

Make Data Drive Decisions using Science-Based Predictive Insights.

Thanks to world-class research and the deployment of artificial intelligence and other exciting tools, we can now measure adaptability based on crucial components. As a result, your assessment results can provide insightful, actionable data for individuals, teams, and organizations. We assess and evaluate aspects of change leadership, adaptability, and agility across three tiers: Ability and fifteen points of predictability.

AbilityHow and to what degree do individuals adapt? A growth mindset, learning agility, and the ability to innovate are critical. Understand your organization’s range in Mental Flexibility, Mindset, Grit, Resilience, and the ability to Unlearn.

Character – Who adapts, and why? Certain factors may enhance the adaptable character, including emotional range, extraversion, hope, motivation, and thinking style. While these seem to be personality traits, these are not fixed and can be enhanced to augment your teams to maximum efficiency and change readiness.

 Environment When someone does adapt, to what degree do they adapt? An environment can nurture or stifle even the most adaptable individuals. Environmental factors include company support, emotional health support, team support, work environment, and relative work stress. These factors point to systems and processes that can create favorable conditions for adaptable teams to thrive. Learn how well your environment is positioned to support employees in times of change.

Lastly, understand your benchmark of Change Readiness and the Reskill Index. How change-ready is your team, your organization? What level of skills are needed, and are you people ready for reskilling? Then, strategically choose how to invest your valued resources in the right people, roles, and skills.

Our assessment tools, combined with the expert insight of – Change Leadership and Adaptability Intelligence — offer a robust, detailed analysis of your current readiness and predictability to navigate change.

The resulting data maps your results across six crucial areas, strategy, structure, risk management, goals, and measure of success, providing the roadmap for proactively influencing many organizational goals.

Change Leadership®

  • Identifies individual and collective strengths and roadblocks impacting change agility success.
  • Builds awareness of individual and different Change Leadership styles, along with strengths and blind spots
  • Guides how to inspire the Heart, engage the Head, and help the Hands to motivate people to move together toward positive new directions
  • Offers opportunities for teams to optimize team performance
  • Allows for self-awareness, inclusion, and respect for diverse perspectives
  • Builds practical communication skills to gain buy-in and adoption of the change
  • Promotes competent and confident leaders of change

Adaptability Intelligence®

  • Builds adaptability, one of the top 5 skills for employability
  • Potential Attrition Prediction: reduce the risk of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding cost by identifying who in your organization is a potential flight risk
  • Reduces burnout and improves well-being improving productivity
  • Strengthens retention, engagement, and team performance
  • Optimizes your organization’s relationship with change
  • Identifies the change leaders for your next initiative
  • Delivers a predictive change readiness and reskill index at the leader, team, and organization level to determine where to invest resources in reskilling, saving costs and energy
  • Leaves participants with a personalized learning dashboard to improve adaptability skills

Like our clients, empowered Leaders, teams, and organizations that thrive in a dynamic business environment can see the future, adapt quickly to change, and pivot when necessary. They are equipt with tools and resources that help them see around corners and embrace uncertainty rather than fear it. Leaders who understand how to lead in times of rapid change can build cultures of trust and collaboration, strengthening relationships with their teams and stakeholders. They create an environment where people feel safe taking risks, experimenting with new ideas, and offering continuing education for their team members to grow their capabilities. They develop a vision, strategy, and plans that can rapidly pivot when necessary.

Change is inevitable. But the ability to adapt, anticipate, and lead change is not. In today’s ever-changing business environment, it’s never been more critical for teams to have the capacity to navigate change.

We are determined to close the gap in change management. We want to free leaders to have the freedom to envision. We want to unleash teams so they can play full out and have a more significant impact. We are committed to creating future-ready leaders, teams, and organizations. That’s why we’re here—to give you a framework for understanding and implementing change at every level of your organization and the skills and techniques you need to become more agile to adapt, lead, and move forward.

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Our proprietary process not only prepares leaders, teams, and organizations for growth, disruption, and change at speed and scale, it optimizes the success of your existing change initiates and change management process.

Change doesn’t have to keep you up at night. The amount of work involved doesn’t have to foster overwhelm or erode the emotional health and performance of teams. Worse, it doesn’t have to drive people out the door when they hit the wall. Instead, build the competencies, capacity, and confidence internally to not only navigate and lead change while building the capacity for innovation.

As a leader, you can rest easy at night knowing your team is accountable and moving forward. Friction, lack of collaboration, and resistance is reduced by giving your time back in your day to focus on what is more meaningful.

Teams become more resilient, innovative, and willing to explore and transform while improving what exists.

Adaptive skills make you more employable. You can express your curiosity and creativity and have your diverse ideas heard and acted upon.

We believe thriving and striving through change is not enough. There is an opportunity to disrupt. Be the leader, team, or organization that sets the standard for others. Distinguish yourself. That is how we turn the impossible into the possible. And our Company name, The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group, shows our commitment to making change happen, one organization at a time.

Change Ability™ Programs include:

– The Change Ready Leader
– The Future Ready Team
– Building a Future Ready Organization

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