Running In High Heels

It’s time to turn leadership on its heels.

When it comes to leadership, there’s a whole new paradigm — and women are uniquely positioned to lead the way and to embody, embrace and share a more feminine approach of leadership.

The ideal management style for today’s business climate is going through an evolution. There is a need to shift from the traditional top down hierarchical organizational structure, generally led by men, to a collaborative, team approach that emphasizes open communication, empathy, inspiration, and motivation.

Traits that come naturally to heel wearers — and can be learned by men.

Leverage the Female Leadership Advantage.™ Learn why for the first time women are uniquely positioned to lead smart, savvy businesses to a new level of passion, productivity, and profit and still embody being a woman leader.

Running in High Heels is packed with time-tested advice and hot-off-the-press research and success strategies from America’s most successful women executives. This insider information will empower you to lead yourself, your team, and your entire organization, while standing tall and confident in your heels.

Renegade Leader, ICF Professional Certified Executive Coach, and Board Certified Psychotherapist Debora McLaughlin will help you step into your greatness — with heart, humor, and spirit.

There’s never been a better time to leave your heel print on the world.

If the shoe fits, why not wear it?