Blue Streak

Break Through the Barriers of Organizational Gridlock & Accelerate Results

Organizational gridlock robs you, your team, and your organization of the ability to see and effectively respond to change. It's what saps your company's morale and productivity.

"We have never seen change so fast, and it will never be this slow again."

~ Patrick Curry, IBM

Blue Streak - Break Through the Barriers of Organizational Gridlock

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The Renegade Leader provides Coaching & Consulting

Our Services

Executive Coaching with The Renegade Leader

Executive Coaching

Remove the barriers between your team and organizational change. Executive coaching helps you develop strategic priorities, organizational collaboration, and emotional intelligence. The result is successfully met goals. Unify your team to build a self-functioning organization that allows you to focus on bigger goals.

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Leadership Academy with The Renegade Leader

Leadership Academy

Our strengths-based training and development help organizational managers lead teams, increase employee engagement, and activate a high-performance culture to drive business results. Whether you choose training on change management, strategic planning, or another focus, we honor your authentic style of leadership and help you to work smarter, not harder.

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Business Consulting with The Renegade Leader

Business Consulting

Close the gap between your business goals and actually executing them. Business consulting fuels business growth by crafting your strategies around your purpose. Once you achieve faster decision making, team alignment, and employee satisfaction, you’ll adapt and capitalize on industry change. The Renegade Leader offers a number of targeted consulting services.

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Companies Who Find Success with The Renegade Leader!

From CEOs to organizational directors, The Renegade Leader equips you with the leadership skills you need to thrive during industry upheavals and mergers. The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group facilitates organizational change management for industries impacted by rapid change, such as healthcare organizations and information technology firms. Whether you strive to foster an environment for triple-aim results or resolve conflict between your cross-functional teams, The Renegade Leader provides professional leadership development. If you’re a leader with a high-stakes vision facing the challenges of organizational gridlock, reactivity, and conflict, The Renegade Leader can help you find success.

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Our Clients Include:

The Renegade Leader provides Coaching & Consulting
The Renegade Leader provides Coaching & Consulting

The Renegade Leader Results

Watch your organization transform with The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group. Whether it’s business consulting or executive coaching, The Renegade Leader is an organizational change leadership consulting firm that will help you see visible results in your organization. We’ve accomplished everything from an unprecedented increase in revenue to a 50% decrease in turnover costs. Align teams and gain the skills you need to help your company function as a unit. We’re committed to helping you see your corporate culture filled with collaboration, communication, or organizational clarity. Read how we’ve helped organizations exit the stalemate and lead change.

Case Studies

Meet the Original Renegade Leader

Understanding renegade leadership isn’t hard after you meet the original Renegade Leader, Debora McLaughlin. For years, Debora worked for Fortune 100 technology companies, providing business solutions to Fortune 500 firms. As an ICF certified professional coach, executive coach, and change catalyst, Debora is passionate about leadership. A best-selling author, Debora also shares leadership insights as a Forbes contributor and NY Daily News columnist. Over the course of fifteen years, Debora has used her background to help other business leaders overcome organizational challenges and excel as leaders.

Debora’s Credentials
  • Certified Women's Business Enterprise
  • International Coach Federation