Leadership Development

Channel Industry Change into Business Success with Leadership Development.

The Renegade Leader provides customized training solutions for leaders so they gain influence within their organizations as leaders who champion change.


Leadership Development Training Has Three Goals.

Managers Become Leaders

Leadership skills don’t automatically appear with promotion. Discover and cultivate your strengths so you’re more than a manager or executive; you’re a leader.

Results Create Distinguishment

Experience traction in your industry and organization. Leadership training programs address the organizational gridlock that stands between you and the results you want to accomplish.

Change Becomes Opportunity

Watch disruptive change spark positive growth. We help you to clarify your mission so industry change becomes another opportunity for organizational achievement.

We Strengthen the Competencies for Every Level of Leaders:


We measure results and impact


Our 5-Step Leadership Development Program

Each training solution follows our 5-step system.

If you’re part of a fast-paced industry—such as healthcare or information technology—your business environment is constantly changing. What doesn’t change is the essentials of organizational change management. The Renegade Leader’s Training and Development frameworks follow 5 simple steps to tackle your most complex problems.

You have to be a strategist, a visionary, a salesperson…you have to create collaboration across multiple lines of services. It is really more of an extraverted role than in the past; you have to bind the organization together, and it’s not for the faint of heart, for sure. If you are a traditional CIO you need to stop and up your game.Joel Vengco, VP, CIO at Baystate Health

1. Assessment

Establish a starting point for moving toward desired outcomes. To help you leverage your strengths, create awareness of your blind spots, and gain the skills to adapt, we offer a number of professional assessments—from 360 evaluations to change leadership assessments.

2. Plan Your Strategy

Gain a strategy for how you’ll reach your business and leadership goals. Together, we’ll create a plan to maximize your customized training and development and establish metrics for determining results.

3. Build Capacity for Change and Growth

Influence those around you, gain organizational traction, build cross-functional collaboration, develop change agility, and more. Over the next weeks, you’ll develop your skills as we coach you in your area of focus.

4. Deliver Organizational Change

Watch training become practice. With our leadership development program, you’ll learn the leadership principles—and how to implement them in your organization.

5. Evaluate Results

Take another assessment for self-evaluation. Using metrics, you’ll see how training has impacted your leadership abilities.


What Our Clients Are Saying…

We had three high-level management staff who were promoted and had low employee engagement. Our employee assistance program recommended Debora. Debora partnered with leaders to enable them to increase employee engagement, build strong teams, create a collaborative work environment, and achieve goals faster, resulting in a 30% increase in leadership performance and employee engagement.Tina Sharby, CHRO at Easter Seals
The Leadership Training Initiative with Debora was the best thing our company has done in 10 years.Dan Fraser, COO, Great NH Restaurants, Inc.

What’s Included in Each Training Framework?

The Renegade Leader offers a number of targeted training frameworks. Our coaches offer group-wide and one-on-one training for healthcare managers, IT managers, and other mid-organization leaders. All training frameworks include…

Measurable results. We’re committed to seeing our clients experience measurable outcomes. According to a survey, 100% of The Renegade Leader’s clients reported improvement in leadership competency, and 100% reported increased impact and influence within their organization.

Targeted focus area. Every training program will have a core focus. Each session equips managers with an important tool for executing change agility in their departments.

Flexible coaching options. Your customized training allows you to choose between on-site, virtual, or on-demand options. Our flexibility allows you to choose the option that’s best for your needs.

Live coaching calls. 85% of training is forgotten within a few short months without the benefit of coaching. We embed live coaching support to answer your questions and cement your training so you achieve results.

Resources. Put each framework to use. We’ll give you the resources you need for implementation so you leave each training framework ready to take action.

Training Frameworks We Offer

Our focus areas are based on up-to-date research and address current trends and organizational needs.

Instead of dusty “rinse and repeat” training, we’ve done the legwork to provide you the most relevant programs based on current McKinsey and Gallup studies. Examples of the frameworks we offer include…

Change Management. Accomplish change in a strategic way. Analyze your organization and craft the best plan for aligning your team.

Strategic Planning. Know where your organization is going. From your mission statement to short-term objectives, solidify your company’s future.

High-Performing Teams. Discover the key ingredients of creating and maintaining teams that accomplish organizational goals.

High-Performing Culture. Clarify how to shift your company culture, and begin the transformation with your own leadership role.

Engage and Mobilize Employees. Learn to connect with your employees so you form a team that can adapt to the demands of your industry.

Time Management for Leaders. Find the time to focus on moving your organization forward when you evaluate and reset your time management habits.

Influence More Effectively. Achieve influence in your organization. Discover how to tap into the unique communication preferences of your team.

The Leadership Dashboard. Discover how your strengths align with your organization to increase your effectiveness.

Personal Branding. Develop and leverage your personal brand as a leader.

Board Development. Analyze your board for improved organizational collaboration.

Develop a Professional Power Base. See how you can leverage strategic relationships for mutual benefit with the power of insightful networking.

Succession Planning. Understand the key ingredients of seamless succession so you maintain your company’s success and culture.

Organizations We’ve Worked with…

Less stress. More impact. Accelerated change. Strengthen your leadership competencies with our Leadership Development and Training.

Focused training frameworks address specific leadership skills.

We understand the challenges you face with constant change and short resources. Let us make leadership easier with flexible training options.

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