The Renegade Leader

If you are like most leaders, you’re looking for a solution to the day-to-day management issues that plague your organization…

Problems like poor communication; interpersonal conflicts; and lack of engagement, accountability and teamwork. These problems take up valuable time—the time you could be using to achieve the vision you have for yourself and your organization.

Recent studies indicate that only 29 percent of employees are engaged, ready, and committed to giving their full potential. The current workforce is demanding more than a paycheck from their organizations; they want leaders who understand them, cultures that offer collaboration, and an active role in decisions that impact their work. How can you offer your employees what they want without giving up too much of your own power?

The Renegade Leader provides you with nine keys to unlock the full potential in each individual, in your teams and in yourself. Using a combination of strategies, case studies, anecdotes, and the business fable of CEO Jim Saunders, you will be entertained while learning how to:

  • inspire top performance;
  • create a high trust environment;
  • foster leadership at all levels;
  • tune in to your employees;
  • unlock the potential of your teams;
  • create a unified culture;
  • celebrate wins in a way that motivates employees;
  • build collaboration; and
  • vibrate with innovation and the appreciation of each individual.

The change in your environment will be palatable, and the performance and financial results will be measurable. Read as fictional CEO Jim Saunders grapples with many of the same issues you have no doubt faced, and learn how to implement the success strategies that will advance your own leadership abilities and unleash the unrealized potential of your teams.

As a result, you will achieve a high performing culture that rallies around shared values and goals and works together to grow your bottom line, while placing yourself in that elite group of leaders among leaders — the true renegades who know how to make their companies great.

“Every CEO needs a recipe for success. The Renegade Leader provides the key ingredients which, combined with passion and drive, create the spark to ignite high performance in any individual or organization.”

— Tom Boucher, CEO GNHR, Board Member of the National Restaurant Association.