“I highly recommend Debora as a leadership coach for anyone that is trying to attain a new level of performance and success”

“Debora McLaughlin has been my coach and mentor since November 2005, during a critical period in my company’s growth. She has been an outstanding source of inspiration and has helped me to improve my leadership and business planning skills to meeting all challenges.

Her business expertise coupled with her background in psychology are a perfect blend to be able to coach her clients through many different types of issues. She has worked extensively with several of our employees to help them grow into leadership roles. I highly recommend Debora as a leadership coach for anyone that is trying to attain a new level of performance and success in a challenging environment.”

— June Jewell, CEO, Acumen Advisors

“We interviewed three different coaches. Debora offered solutions and suggestions that would work in our organization… She has the professional skills, the personal skills — the whole package.”

— Tina Sharby, SVP Human Resources, Easter Seals NH

“She has incredibly deep and diverse knowledge”

Debora is a highly competent and accessible leader who offers gifts of optimism and belief in the law of abundance. She helps you develop your vision of what is possible by leveraging your particular gifts and inspires you to achieve what is best for you.

She has incredibly deep and diverse knowledge and is able to integrate multiple sources tailored for one’s particular needs. Debora is committed to the growth of her clients as well as her own personal growth, which provides her with continuing fresh insights to share.

She is adept at handling a multitude of situations and is a great resource to have on your side as you embark on your particular journey of self exploration. As a result of working with Debora, I was able to better articulate those gifts in a way that conveyed my value to an organization. You will love working with her!”

— Catherine Chatfield

“We had three high-level management staff that were promoted and had low employee engagement. Our employee assistance program recommended Debora. She certainly made a difference.”

— Virginia Bottino, Director, Staffing and Training

“She is the rare combination of cool-under-pressure, learned, and experienced.”

“There are certain people in life that you immediately feel you can trust and that what you learn from them is based on real experience. Debra is just that type of person. She is the rare combination of cool-under-pressure, learned, and experienced. She knows of what she speaks.

If you are looking for someone to take your life and business attitude to the next level, you would be remiss not to spend some time talking with Debora. You will only have yourself to blame if you don’t.”

— Ken Steinberg

“Thank you for fulfilling a career long dream of mine of bringing our company closer together and accomplishing more than they ever thought possible. You worked your tail off…so THANK YOU!”

— Tom Boucher, CEO, Great NH Restaurants

“Genuine Engagement And Ability To Connect”

“By comparison to the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people you meet in life, few can provide motivation and direction toward a ‘can do’ attitude like Debora McLaughlin.

She has such a unique gift coupled with the education to understand any situation; deliver clearly through honest and straightforward communication the result of a seemingly perfect process toward a solution.

Her genuine engagement and ability to connect demonstrates the love and passion for her work. Undoubtedly, a path for success follows Debora’s influence.”

— Mark Ferrer, Manager

“Debora dramatically improved my relationship with my supervisees. There’s been no turnover since she started a year ago.”

— Kathryn Ryan, VP

“We Are Communicating, More Organized, And Holding Each Other Accountable.”

“Just a few months ago we started working on our team building process. We were all very good at what we did but we failed at taking everything we were good at and meshing together. We were unorganized, did not communicate, and lacked accountability with each other.

If you could please picture a cartoon ball of mess with all the legs, arms, and heads sticking out, that was us. Where we are now, with the help of Debora and all of us buying in to be a TEAM we have made huge strides.

No longer are we the ball of chaos, we are communicating, more organized, and holding not just our staff accountable but each other. Where we are going — The sky is the limit as they say. Just watch us.”

— Michael Towns, Division Manager

“The Leadership Training with Debora was the best thing our company has done in 10 years.”

— Dan Fraser, COO, T-Bones Restaurant

“The Renegade Leader Will Get You There”

“Driven to succeed? The Renegade Leader will get you there. Today’s leaders need adaptability to manage change. Fictional leader Jim Saunders’ struggle to gain agreement from his team for a merger left me laughing & applauding his success. While offering nine practical steps to influence people, ignite performance, and impact results, The Renegade Leader is a fun read!”

— Barbara Trautlein, PhD, Principal, Change Catalysts LLC

“Debora is dedicated to her chosen profession, full of positive energy, and has the experience and education to meet her clients needs!”

— Edward Luton

“Debora Will Activate Your Inner Flame For Success”

“As a world class athlete and trainer of Olympian champions, I know you can’t win without a passion for excellence, a hunger for progress, and the ability to be confident, focused, and energized. The Renegade Leader will activate your inner flame for success.”

— Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Sports Psychologist, Best-selling Author of Your Performing Edge

“As a top media company we offer a vast array of video production, content development and branding services for our national clients. As we work with organizations of all sizes we also needed to take the time to organize our offerings so that clients could easily identify what was right for them. Within one month of working with Debora as our business coach we organized our services and closed an additional 43k of business.”

— Michelle Lange, CEO, MLangeMedia.com