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Leadership Presentations by Debora McLaughlin, The Executive Coach

Are you tired of hearing speeches motivate you, but lack life or business changing impact?

Debora turns Information into Transformation in each of her speaking engagements. She is the light that ignites others! Debora has always been about influence and how to activate what you need to get you to where you want to be.

At the age of 22, her 5’3″ frame, overshadowed by the skyscrapers of Wall Street, armed only with a little sales training and the protective gear of her shoulder pads, she stood ready to enter executive suites.

Inside were the top business leaders in the city, and she was about to transform their business with advanced technology. She didn’t know how to do it, she had to figure it out and she did, becoming recognized as a nationally recognized top sales performer.

That was all good, until she had to engage with teams of people in order to achieve her business goals. Like most leaders, she struggled, surprised to learn that others weren’t as excited about her vision as she was. So she did what most leaders do, she pushed and they pushed back. She had to do something, and that is when it all clicked into place.

She activated her inner renegade to take a quantum leap in her life. Soon she, her team, and her clients got the results they needed.

Steve Jobs talked about connecting the dots. And that is just what Debora did. She connected the dots of a high performing sales career to help others to drive business results with that of a licensed and board certified psychotherapist to teach leaders how to motivate and engage their people and build a culture that vibrates with positivity. Her heart is dear to Renegade Leaders, highly driven leaders who have a vision for success, but can’t seem to get there as easily or quickly as they wish.

Through executive coaching, business coaching and leadership development combined with her proprietary INFLUENCE Framework, she helps them to accelerate their results. Through speaking Debora ignites the inner renegade leader in others, helping them to take their own quantum leaps.

Available Presentations

For additional information, please download Debora’s Speaker Package (PDF).

  • Ignite Your Inner Renegade Leader: Gain Influence in Your Life, Business or Career

    Fuel your group with renewed energy and perspective! In this dynamic presentation Debora will take the audience on a journey to ignite their inner flame, to reactivate their dreams and offer them the roadmap to chart their course for success.

  • The Secret Strategies Renegade Leaders Use to Ignite People, Performance and Profits & Create Sustainable Businesses

    Leadership is an endless exercise in steering corrections. Every ten years a major company disappears and employee engagement is at its all time low. Why is it some companies succeed while others close their doors?

    Discover the secret strategies renegade leaders use to align their people with their vision, build behaviors for success, and create cultures of collaboration. Learn what you can do to ignite people, performance, and profits while creating a great place to work and the best company to work for.

  • Lead with Influence and Stop the Whining, Heel-Dragging & Mischief in Your Business, Department or Cubicle

    Are you tired of it all? Spending your valuable time refereeing back biting interpersonal conflicts or resistance? Frustrated with the hiding and lack of accountability in the team you put your heart and trust into? Wondering if there is a better way?

    There is! This presentation will clear the stress, distrust and let up on the brakes so you and your team can move forward with passion and positivity. Learn the nine steps to gain influence and to feel great at the end of the day.

  • Employee Engagement: Buzzword or Realism? How to Get The Results You Need with The People and Resources You Have

    There is a direct link between employee engagement and business performance. With only 27% of employees showing up at work engaged and ready to give it their best, how can you succeed? Most organizations are running on empty, struggling to succeed with the people and resources they have; yet today’s employees aren’t cooperating.

    This engaging and informative presentation offers you the ten key drivers for employee engagement and shares the action steps you can take to elevate your organization to its highest performance, gain profits, be distinguished in your market and attract high performing employees.

    Discover what today’s workforce needs to do to evolve in leadership in order to promote the highest levels of engagement. If Best Buy gains one tenth of a percent increase in employee engagement, they gain $100,000 in operating revenue. What might you gain?

Praise for Debora’s presentations:

Debora has had the great pleasure of presenting both nationally & internationally. Here’s what other industry leaders have to say about their experiences:

“The Renegade Leader Will Get You There”

“Driven to succeed? The Renegade Leader will get you there. Today’s leaders need adaptability to manage change. Fictional leader Jim Saunders’ struggle to gain agreement from his team for a merger left me laughing & applauding his success. While offering nine practical steps to influence people, ignite performance, and impact results, The Renegade Leader is a fun read!”

— Barbara Trautlein, PhD, Principal, Change Catalysts LLC

“Debora Will Activate Your Inner Flame For Success”

“As a world class athlete and trainer of Olympian champions, I know you can’t win without a passion for excellence, a hunger for progress, and the ability to be confident, focused, and energized. The Renegade Leader will activate your inner flame for success.”

— Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Sports Psychologist, Best-selling Author of Your Performing Edge