Leadership Academy for Emerging Leaders

“…Debora’s leadership development program for our managers was the best thing we’ve done in ten years.” — Dan Fraser, COO, GNHR

Leadership AcademyHave you asked yourself these questions?

  • How do I become a better leader?
  • How can I inspire, motivate and engage those around me to do what I want them to do?
  • How do I hire and empower those below me so I don’t have to do it all?

Are you tired of putting out fires, taking the blame for missed deadlines, or frustrated that your team isn’t performing at their best?

It might not be your fault!

The face of leadership has changed, and renegade leaders know they have to do things differently in order to succeed. They learn how to engage 21st century leadership skills to build collaboration, foster leadership at all levels, and create open portals for communication from the top down, sideways, and bottom up. Whether you are manager, division head, executive leader or an organization wanting better results, it’s time to evolve in leadership.

Gain the top leadership skills for the 21st century

Discover how to activate the top employee engagement strategies so you get the most out of your people. Learn to communicate, coach and mentor your team members so they willingly respond to what’s needed and collaborate in meeting deadlines and goals. Build a high performing positive work culture and reduce the drama, interpersonal conflicts and the everyday crises that take you away from doing what you need to do. Manage your time and priorities by fostering leadership and accountability in others.

Our unique leadership training advantage

How many trainings have you attended, excited about what you learned, only to find the workbook gathering dust on the corner of your desk only weeks later?

Why settle for just attending training when you can also have personalized coaching? In our Renegade Leader Breakthrough Program and in our Leadership Academy, we make sure you turn the information you learn into transformation by customizing it to your needs, your goals, and your leadership style.

With training alone, 80% of learning is quickly lost. When you add coaching into the mix, the result is the most comprehensive leadership program you will find. It’s also action-based, content-rich, and accountability-driven. When you have these three factors, training, coaching, and accountability, you get a leadership development program that will give tools and resources to see real results in your organization.

Virtual and On-Site Leadership Academy for Emerging Leaders Modules include:

Virtual Leadership TrainingParticipants receive a professional leadership assessment and participate in active live group coaching calls and hot-seat mastermind Q&A calls. The Academy includes four core webinar modules. Enroll in all four in our full year leadership coaching and mentoring program, or enroll by your area of interest.

Each module includes Assessment, Leadership Training, Group Coaching Call and a Hot Seat Mastermind, all over a six week time frame, allowing you to learn, integrate, and achieve transformation from the information.

  • The Great Workplace: How to become a Best Place to Work using proven methods by the Great Workplace Institute. What makes a great place to work? Does your division, department, or organization have what it takes? Learn how to build trust, mutual respect, and accountability and to lay the foundation for top performance in your team, division or organization.
  • The Leadership Challenge: We’ve customized the foundation of leadership skill building used by millions of leaders by adding the skillsets of renegade leaders. Learn how to lead effectively by modeling the way, encouraging the heart, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and inspiring a shared vision.
  • Go Positive! Learn to Engage: Unleash the Power of a Fully-Engaged Workforce: Recent Gallup research reveals that a shocking 71% of U.S. employees are either “not on board” or “actively hostile” when it comes to delivering on the needs of the organization and its customers. Given the clear advantages of engagement and the costs of disengagement, managers can maximize the attitudes—and ultimately, the performance —of your employees, even amidst very chaotic and uncertain times. Learn the top strategies to engage, motivate your employees into action.
  • Bridging the Leadership Divide: Discover how to lead across generations with this cutting edge training. Learn how to motive the millennial generation and gain the insight from baby boomers while creating a collaborative cross-generational team.

Other leadership Trainings Include:

  • The Accountability Experience:Every business requires accountability. Instill the language of accountability in your teams and organization by learning the key skills to increase productivity.
  • Appreciative Inquiry:Optimize your culture and employee engagement through recognition and the leadership skill so appreciative inquiry.
  • Team Performance:What makes a great high performing team, and do you have one? Begin with an assessment to identify your team’s strengths and areas for development. Rate your team’s performance and learn how to utilize its strengths to overcome its challenges by using proven team building and high performance strategies. Shift into the same shared values, guiding principles for behavior, and experience the pride in achieving a shared vision.

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The Renegade Leader Breakthrough Program offers the luxury of one-on-one individual coaching, mentoring and consulting.

It includes all the skill sets a new leader or a leader facing new challenges needs to succeed such as: aligning your people to your goals, producing high performance in your teams, and creating a culture of collaboration and creativity.

This three month program is for leaders who want to achieve specific measurable goals via individual coaching. This program offers the I.N.F.L.U.N.C.E Framework outlined in the Amazon # 1 Bestselling book in Business and Motivation, The Renegade Leader, 9 Success Strategies Driven Leaders Use to Ignite People, Performance and Profits.

The Renegade Leader Breakthrough program is customized for you and offers the bonus frameworks to:

  • Close the Employee Engagement Gap: Engage and Mobilize Employees.
    Often leaders wonder what they can do to have a more cohesive, engaged and productive group of employees. This 13 step proven methodology will increase the individual engagement of each employee, promote a clear professional development plan and recognize the talents and contribution of your teams and its individual team members.
  • Foster Collaboration Across the Organization.
    Some organizations operate in silos. This coaching framework gives you management teams a way to break down those silos and improve communication, operational efficiency and execution.
  • Write it Down, Make it Happen: The Management Leadership Dashboard.
    A powerful tool for helping leaders get grounded in the issues that matter most. Get focused, set priorities, create more accountability in your teams and in your leadership outcomes.
  • Influence More Effectively in One-on-One Conversations.
    Learn the language of Renegade leaders, how to use your power voice, reduce conflict, engage in delegation and compromise and influence communications. Use coaching to role play, to review correspondences or to prepare for effective meetings.
  • 360 Degree Leadership: Keys to Getting an Idea Accepted throughout the Organization.
    This elegant tool helps you see the bird’s eye view of the politics behind an idea, and know how to gain acceptance for your idea across the organization quickly and easily!