Business Solutions

Executive Coaching for Accelerated Results

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

  • For: CEO’s, Executive Leaders, Vice Presidents, Directors, Management and Business Owners
  • Term: Six to Twelve Months
Executive Coaching for Accelerated Results Delivers Solutions to:
  • Build a high performance culture, Maximize Employee Engagement
  • Enhance Leadership Development in Management Teams
  • Create Strong Teams, Reduce Turn Over, Attract and Retain top Leadership
  • Increase revenues, Grain Leadership Influence and Impact
  • Promote accountability in executive leadership
  • Use effective communication within the organization and with external stakeholders
  • Build a personal brand and reputation within your industry and organization

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Leadership Academy for Emerging Leaders

Raise the bar on leadership for remarkable results

  • For: Managers, Department Leaders, Directors and High Potential Leaders
  • Term: Monthly workshops, webinars and resources to support leadership excellence
Leadership Academy for Emerging Leaders Delivers Solutions to:
  • Learn 21st century leadership skills that engage, motivate and mobilize your employees
  • Empower your inner Renegade and do the work you are most passionate about
  • Find your power voice, use effective communication and gain accountability
  • Build high performing teams, Create Great Workplaces and Cultures
  • Maximize Employee Engagement, Loyalty, Reduce Turnover
  • Win the hearts and minds of your employees so they do their best work
  • Stop putting out fires, learn to foster leadership in others

Learn more about the Leadership Academy and its event schedule. Get started by registering for a guest pass to my monthly Leadership Academy leadership focus topic training.

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Business Results Breakthrough: Business consulting for small to midsize businesses

Boost productivity and profitability

  • For: CEO’s, Executive Leaders and Management of Technology, Professional Services and Project Management based Businesses
  • Term: Three months to One Year
Business Building for Breakthrough Results Delivers Solutions to:
  • Differentiate your business from all others
  • Grow your brand and grow your business with a clear marketing message
  • Attract new clients, negotiate sales more effectively and retain clients
  • Lead Effectively, Create and communicate a clear Vision
  • Engage the buy in of your management team and employees
  • Grow your business, Increase Sales, streamline processes
  • Attract, hire and retain top talent
  • Build a high performing collaborative culture
  • Attract the loyalty of investors, stakeholders and board members
  • Gain relevant Strategies to produce real measurable results

Ready to get started? Set up a Business Building for Breakthrough Results session with me, to talk about your goals and what’s been getting in your way. You’ll get at least one great idea to move your business forward and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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