Debora McLaughlin: A Unique Blend of Expertise

Debora McLaughlin | The Renegade LeaderAn ICF Professional Certified Coach, bestselling author and Board Certified Psychotherapist Debora McLaughlin uniquely combines 25 years of real-world experience in sales, consulting, public relations, coaching, psychology and neuroscience with certifications in multicultural diversity, executive and business coaching to help her clients gain quick results.

Debora’s penetrating conversations are found in the media such as Leadership Excellence magazine, Yahoo Finance, CBS Money Watch, Boston Herald, Sirius Radio and she is a frequent guest panelist on international telesummits.

I learned about leadership in the trenches, just like you.

If you are like most leaders, you are looking for a solution to the day-to-day management issues that plague your organization problems like poor communication; interpersonal conflicts; and lack of engagement, accountability and teamwork. These problems take up valuable time you could be using to achieve the vision you have for yourself and your organization.

I’ve always have been curious about people, learning what made them tick without ticking them off and why some were motivated and others were not. As a result I not only have a fun alphabet of letters after my name, I have a constant passion for continued learning about leadership, organizations and of course, people!

I’m a “Renegade Revolution Catalyst” for CEO’s, Executives and their organizations.

Unlike other traditional leadership and executive coaches who provide results at the surface level, I provide relevant solutions by getting to the causal root of the problems, resulting in radical results and sustainable transformation.

I empower forward-thinking leaders to truly get their desired outcomes — and turn their ideas into innovative, actionable strategies that help them stand out from the crowd as a thought leader and a revolutionary in today’s modern economy. Most importantly, I help leaders get the satisfaction of carrying out their big vision for the company.

I do this through my revolutionary Renegade Results programs where I work with current and emerging Renegade Leaders who are driven by passion, purpose, and a strong desire to execute their vision. I achieve this by providing executive coaching, leadership training, assessments and organizational consulting tailored for the Renegade Leader.

People skills produce real results.

I cut my teeth in business in the financial district of New York City while finishing my MA at night at Hunter College. At 21 my job was build relationships with the leaders who towered up above in the executive suites of the skyscrapers that darkened the narrow walkways of Wall Street.

I was armed with product knowledge and a positive attitude, ready to offer information technology services at the height of high tech competition.

I didn’t know much then about business acumen, or the language of top executives, but I knew people. And I was curious about the business problems they had. Knowing how to communicate, engage and develop relationships and rapport with CEO’s resulted in invitations to present in 35th floor boardrooms followed by signing contracts over lunch.

Understanding the real business needs, providing the relevant solutions and building relationships founded on trust and integrity not only provided business results but secured long time satisfied clients for my organization. And isn’t that what business is all about?

Not only was I making the first sales to the largest multibillion dollar organizations, I was making strides in accounts I was told not to pursue due to the level of competition.

A few years later as National Account Manager I personally maintained a client base of $5 million in Boston and more than exceeded quota by securing a $7million dollar contact involving installations in over 30 countries for a large defense contractor. This involved oversight of engineers, installation and training teams and software designers.

Renegades don’t follow the status quo; they evolve to what is needed now and into the future.

While my company was singing my praises, my team was not.

I know how frustrating it is to get your team on board, to get people aligned with your vision and to make the most of what you have. The truth hit home when I was called THE BARRACUDA by my support team. This was painful to hear, especially since I had great relationships with my clients.

I realized that I didn’t have the leadership skills I needed to lead a team and be successful. I had the vision, the drive and the know-how but I lacked the ability to get my team to be as passionate about my goals as I was. So I, like you perhaps, had to evolve in leadership and I did.

It is no secret that the field of leadership we are hitting problems and challenges that we never experience before. And this pace of change necessitates a change in our leadership styles. If you are like many of my clients you are focusing on cutting costs, doing more with less, and achieving the numbers – but something is still offsetting your results, and leadership is getting tougher every day. I know, because I’ve spent over twenty years in executive suites, boardrooms and in executive retreats helping organizations shift from toiling to jumpstarting results.

I am committed to a Renegade Revolution where Profits, Optimal Performance, Fulfillment and Freedom are a Reality.

Imagine a company in which the passion, inspiration, innovation, and purpose is palpable. Reinvention, Evolution, Results, and Profits go hand-in-hand. Your team enjoys collaborating together and creating new pathways for success.

Picture an environment where success is contagious, and everyone is committed to the shared vision. Imagine having the time to enjoy your success and feel satisfied at day’s end. Now, imagine this is TRUE of your business — EVERY DAY. This is not only a possibility, but an attainable reality.

Ordinary companies can become extraordinary if led by a Renegade leader.

Clients who have worked with me have increased their profits in the multitudes, developed a powerful presence as a leader, increased their influence, and have received recognition and awards for their leadership abilities – all while enjoying their own authentic version of success. But best of all? They are leading their companies in ways they had previously only dreamed of.

My clients live out their visions as leaders and gain the freedom to enjoy their success. They:

  • Refresh, rejuvenate and revamp in Bali to spur their creativity
  • Dance on the beaches of New Mexico while their executive team penetrates new markets
  • Take long sun filled vacations at Martha’s Vineyard while their company wins Business of the Year

I am passionate about supporting leaders to achieve results.

The truth is, a new paradigm of leadership is emerging and in order to survive we have to be a renegade. We need to rewrite the rules and can’t do things according to the status quo, (it is no longer working, for men or women, leaders of all levels.) And that is what it means to be a renegade leader.

Now, I help business owners and leaders to bring out their fullest potential, to replace challenges with possibilities and to leave behind every compromise.

Clients tell me they value my unique combination of business, sales, psychology, technology and coaching leadership expertise I’m told it is rare to work with someone that can provide services to an organization at every level. But that is what I’ve been doing for over 20 years.

Are you ready to become a renegade leader?

If you are looking for a business partner who can help you to see opportunity in your challenges and to uproot any barriers to success (and has the endless energy of a Zumba instructor) let’s talk and see what we might be able to do together. Contact me via email or call 603-324-7171.